Institute's Innovation Council, MGM School of Physiotherapy under MGM Institute of Health Sciences is formed to foster the culture of innovation amongst the bright youth of MGM School of Physiotherapy. The council conducts various activities that focuses on innovative ideas, innovations, and how to take these innovations forward into the world of start-ups. Along with the activities, we conduct webinars featuring eminent mentors, to guide our students throughout the process.

Steps in innovating a medical device, 03rd August 2022

The Innovation council of MGM School of Physiotherapy , Navi Mumbai organized an online webinar on ‘Introduction to Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. The speaker for the online webinar was Zeenal Punamiya and Shreya Kurumpilai. Zeenal Punamiya is currently the Program Manager and senior innovation at Medical innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship(M.I.C.E) Labs, J.J Hospital Mumbai. Shreya Kurumpilai has completed Biomedical Engineering, a team member at the M.I.C.E Lab.

IPR and IP Management for Start-ups: 4th June 2021

In continuation with the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), MGMIHS related further activities under Quarter 3 and 4 of the calendar year 2020- 2021, MGMIHS OMICS Research Center, MGMIHS organized a webinar on Intellectual Property Rights. The event started with a welcome note by Dr. Raman Yadav. Our guest speaker Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair (Founder, GNANLex associates LLP) delivered a lecture on Intellectual Property Rights and IP management in start-ups. He explained to us the basics of IP, important laws, and sections. He told us why it is essential for young entrepreneurs to protect their inventions and how businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions without the protection of ideas. The event was concluded by the vote of thanks.

Accelerators and Incubation Opportunities for Students & faculties Early Stage Entrepreneurs: 28th May, 2021

The session was opened on a welcoming note by Dr. Raman Yadav, Convenor, Institute’s Innovation Council. Dr. Becky Thomas introduced the attendees to accelerators, incubators and their role in entrepreneurship through an impactful presentation. She guided the students to identify potential opportunities and described the road map to convert critical thinking into an enterprise. She shed light on practical topics like branding and funding. Real-life examples of successful startups further added to the student's knowledge. The session was bought to a conclusion by a question-answer round and was terminated by Dr. Raman Yadav

Lean Startup and Minimally Viable Product/Business

The session was opened on a welcoming note by Dr Raman Yadav, Convenor, Institute’s Innovation Council. Mr. Sagar introduced the attendees to incubators, ideation, critical thinking and their role in entrepreneurship through an impactful presentation. He further stressed the need of teamwork and assigning tasks to members of the team, best in that particular business. He also guided them to getting funds and tips onto approaching investors. Real life examples of successful startups further added to the student's knowledge. The session was bought to a conclusion by a question answer round and was terminated by Dr.Raman Yadav.

Motivational talk for students on Innovation

Two students from MGM School of Physiotherapy, Navi Mumbai had participated in eMEDHA (Medical Device Hackathon) organized by BETIC Labs, IIT Bombay. This talk was regarding their experience as a participant, which would give insight and motivate other students to participate for similar events.
The event started with a welcome address by Dr. Anisha Gulati (PT). She spoke about the event and congratulated the participants for their awards.
This was followed by our respected Director, Dr. Rajani Mullerpatan’s address on the importance of innovation and applauding for both the participants.
Ms. Palak Trivedi then talked about the basics of innovation and her experience of eMEDHA, followed by a talk by Dr. Neha Padia (PT). Neha also mentioned about how she found a balance between serving for COVID-19 duty and her participation in eMEDHA. A video of the clinical problem was then shown to all the participants, to gain insight.

World No Tobacco Day: 31st May, 2021

The session was opened by Dr Anisha Gulati who gave a brief introduction on the deadly hazards of consuming tobacco and the significance of World No Tobacco Day. Miss Rachelle Lobo delivered the pledge and all the attendees took an oath to make their campus tobacco free.

World Nature Conservation Day

Poster making & painting competition was held for I BPT students (2020-21). Students were informed about the competition in the morning and it was conducted in the afternoon. The students were asked to draw on the topic “World Nature Conservation Day”. The painting & poster were judged on the basis of presentation and creativity. The purpose of the competition was to enhance their thinking and painting skills.
The winner of painting & poster competition is Ms. Kadambari Mahajan

Why IP is important in Academia

The session was opened on a welcoming note by Dr Elangovan, assistant innovation director. Dr Abhay briefed the attendees on impact of establishing an innovation ecosystem through IP in institutions. Dr Mohit explained the importance of IP and its significance. Through statistics and examples, the practical application of intellectual property was put forward. The live webinar was concluded by a vote of thanks from Dr Elangovan.

From PhD and Masters Research to Start-up

The session commenced on a highly positive note by Prof. Anil Sahashrabuddhe. Various speakers described the roadmap to convert research topics into a potential product or service. Innovative concepts of lean start-ups, building a business model, imbibed a sense of entrepreneurship among students and practitioners. Students were inspired to think like an entrepreneur by various real-life examples of start-ups. The live webinar was concluded by a vote of thanks from Dr Abhay Jere, Chief Innovation Officer.