Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) Programme

Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) Programme

This full time Master Degree programme of two years duration focuses on gaining advanced knowledge and exclusive Physiotherapeutic skills in 5 specialty programmes based on 5 clinical specialties.

programme Recognition: Maharashtra State Council for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy (MSOTPT)


  • Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Master of Neuro Physiotherapy
  • Master of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Physiotherapy & Fitness
  • Master of Preventive and Community Physiotherapy
  • Master of Sport Physiotherapy

Highlights of MPT training at MGM School of Physiotherapy, Navi Mumbai

  • Extensive clinical “Hands on Training” focuses on rotational clinical assignments in respective specialty subject throughout programme at community, primary and tertiary health care level.
  • Students are engaged in ongoing focused clinical training through participation in special patient support groups such as Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Respiratory conditions etc.
  • In addition to didactic /laboratory and clinical “hands on” training, programme also include seminars, case presentations, journal article reading and appraisal and administrative work under the supervision of faculty members.
  • During this programme, candidate prepares and submits the protocol of dissertation based on selected specialty during Semester-I and will be required to submit completed research manuscript before end of Semester IV.
  • Clinical and research training from National and International experts in various specialty areas.
  • MPT Outcome: programme is designed to build skills and offer training in academic, clinical and research
  • Students are encouraged to present and publish their dissertation.

Outline of BPT curriculum:

programme has four semesters:

Semester – I:Topics like Administration and management, Ethics, teaching technology and research methodology are included in this semester. This semester is common for all four specialties.
Semester – II:This semester includes teaching training in the relevant aspect of each allied and applied subject according to the respective specialties.
Semester – III: This semester includes topics related to recent advances in evaluation and management according to the respective specialties.
Semester – IV: This semester is exclusively based on the elective subject opted by the student