Value Added Courses

Value added courses are short term courses which deliver content outside the university curriculum. In order to prepare students to meet the healthcare industry demands and aptitudes, to develop interests, to foster quality learning, and to enhance personal growth, value added courses are important. As university curriculum has limitations to cover all areas for student learning, supplementation of the syllabus with such courses is essential for holistic development of students. Such short-term courses help students stand apart from the rest in the job market by adding further value to their resume. These courses add value to students learning and help them to develop skills/ employability. Such courses foster the overall growth of the students.

Enrollment for these short term “Value Added Courses” (>15 hours’ duration) is voluntary in nature and free of cost (some courses which are accredited by external agencies may be available on chargeable basis). Therefore, all students are requested to enroll for “Value Added Courses (VAC)” as per their choice for enhancing their skills & knowledge.

Interested students contact the “Course Coordinators” for respective courses in order to enroll and for any clarification regarding the course. Course completion certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the course as verified by the course coordinator. In view of COVID-19 pandemic and due to delayed start of academic year 2020-21, some of the courses are being offered on an online mode/blended mode. Since the course is extra-curricular, it is conducted on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) so that the weekly class schedule is not affected. The minimum requirement of the course is 15 students per session.

Road Safety and Traffic Rules

The course is designed to enhance understanding of basic road safety and post-crash care along with transfer techniques.

3 D Gait Analysis

This course is designed to enhance understanding of the scope of 3 D Gait analysis in clinical decision making. The will also learn to demonstrate practical application of methods used for 2 D and 3D motion capture.

Infection Control and Biomedical Waste Management

In this course, the basics of biomedical waste management, hospital acquired infections, and patient and caregiver hygiene. The course will provide the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies timely and in effective manner thereby, promoting patient safety.

Detection, Awareness and Management of Cerebral Palsy

This course is designed to understand the normal cerebral development of a child, identify high risk babies, identify red flags for diagnosis of cerebral palsy, and the referral framework for children with cerebral palsy.