Clinical Services at World Spine Care Clinic

Origin & Background

World Spine Care is a global charity on a mission to improve lives in underserved communities founded in 2008 by Scott Haldeman MD,PhD,DC, a leading figure in assessment and treatment of spinal conditions.

The global burden of low back pain reported by WHO in The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2010 estimated that low back pain is amongst the top ten DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) causing diseases and injuries. It is a leading cause of activity limitation and work absenteeism in most parts of the world causing economic burden at individual, family, community, industry and government level. (WHO Bulletin)

Despite the large magnitude of problem of spine pain among both high and low income people and its huge negative impact on health-related quality of life, the health care policies fail to address this global burden satisfactorily. Hence to handle this increasing global burden, a sustainable, evidence based and integrated spine care model was established in MGM Kamothe hospital by signing a memorandum between WSC and MGM in 2016.

MGMWSC clinic, as a collaborative, integrated Global organization, emphasizes on quality care to the patient which is sustainable and evidence based. The location of the MGM Kamothe Hospital helps people from nearby areas of Pen, Raigad and Alibaug to avail the quality spine care services at an affordable cost. Thus the clinic is able to cater to a large population in need of spine care. Being a teaching institute, it recognizes the importance of maintaining effective data and documentation of the patient records. It emphasizes consistency of record keeping as this will ensure delivery of high quality care to the patients. The MGM WSC clinic aims to become the Primary Health Practitioner/Spine Care Provider for the patients.. Data recorded from spine care delivered will allow reflection to identify challenges and barriers and design improved models for delivery of effective spine care with an ultimate aim of empowering patients to manage their spine pain.

Inauguration of MGM WSC Clinic by Dr. (Lt. Gen.) S.K.Kaul

Clinical Training

The MGM/WSC Spine Clinic is housed within the outpatient physiotherapy department of the hospital. It is managed by the clinical supervisor who oversees and mentors postgraduate physiotherapy students who are working towards their Masters Degree in the differentiation, diagnosis and evidence based treatment of spinal conditions. Undergraduate physiotherapy students are also trained in the clinic as part of their final year clinical rotations. This helps prepare the future physiotherapists of India to be able to take evidence based spinal care into the communities they will serve during their professional careers.

Success Stories-

37year’s old female, housewife by occupation reported with chief complaint of pain in cervical region since 10days after prolonged hours of household chores. Assessment findings revealed forward head posture along with protracted shoulder. Numerical pain score was 5/10 on activity and 0/10 at rest. She was diagnosed with right upper trapezius myofascial pain syndrome. Treatment plan included sub-occipital release technique, bilateral arm pull and myofascial release technique and upper trapezius stretching. Patient reported to MGM WSC clinic for 4days after which she was able to perform her household chores.

Patient testimonial-

“I am very happy with the treatment provided. Quick attention and rehabilitation has helped me in speedy recovery. The cost at which such quality treatment is provided to all the patients is appreciable.”
- Sunita Patil

Outreach activities-

The main objective of the camp was to screen for the impact of musculoskeletal disorder burden in the rural areas. It also aimed to understand the attitudes and beliefs of people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.
MGM School of Physiotherapy conducted musculoskeletal screening survey in Dhamani village, Nere village, and Tara village. Interns and MPT students were accompanied by 2 faculty members for the survey. Each and every house was screened in the survey.

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