Department of Community Physiotherapy


Community Physiotherapy program offers preventive programs for non communicable diseases, community based rehabilitation for person with disability, incorporating physical activity and education programs for adults with chronic conditions, women’s health, Geriatric Health and Industrial therapy. Programs are designed to maximise functional ability and minimise the impact of chronic disease and it is related secondary complications thus enhancing their quality of life.


We are a team of community physiotherapist providing physiotherapy services to the populations in Navi Mumbai as well as Raigad district. We assess and treat people within their home environment who are best treated at home and for those who needed advanced treatments are referred to tertiary health center. All our programs incorporate evidence-based best practice, promoting physical activity and health education to empower the community to better manage their own health and maximise their functional independence. We aim to promote independence and improve quality of life.Our service includes and not limited to:

  • Screening of the local community to identify the incidence and prevalence of the non communicable diseases benefiting from physical activity and/or specific rehabilitation programs
  • Women’s Health
  • Fall preventive Program
  • Institutionalized Geriatric Care
  • Provision of appropriate Mobility Aids
  • Under Community Preventive Physiotherapy department students are posted in MGM Hospital, Kamothe, Physiotherapy Industrial Based Rehabilitation OPD, IPD, Women’s Health, MGM Hospital Kalamboli.

Extramural/ Extension Activities

Various Camps are organised by MGM School of Physiotherapy to train the students for Community Physiotherapy. These camps are educational in nature and also provide Physiotherapy services to the community.

  • Jyothi’s Care Centre, Kalamboli
  • Sangrila C.H.S Vashi
  • Lake view CHS Airoli
  • Kharghar Camp
  • Kalamboli Residential Area
  • Belapur Residential Camp
  • Kombaltekdi ANC Camp
  • NERE Camp
  • Tawarwadi general health check-up
  • Kalamboli ANC Camp

Contacts & People

Qualification:MPT (Community Physiotherapy), B.P.Th

Qualification:MPTh (Musculoskeletal PT)