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The college experience is one that holds many pleasant memories for me. I began the journey as a scared rat out in the open desert, but made the best of it and trudged forward becoming a wilful tiger. It all started with the first anatomy lecture where we entered the classroom with the thought that I am a medical student soon going to be a physiotherapist. In first year with all external lectures we enjoyed the college campus too. As year passed with more and more subjects we all became busy & started hating studies. But as we entered final year we realized that it was all what we learned till three years. I think the clinical experience that I had in college was the most fruitful as I learnt many skills, how to respect the patient, how to apply your theory knowledge and how to manage a condition independently all credit goes to are professors who taught us the skills and built confidence in us to work as a independent Physiotherapist. Patients priority based treatment was the main aim which shows great result and glad that we all are being trained in that manner. Today whatever we know is all because are professors, our institute and last but not the least our hard work. I m proud that I am a part of MGM School of Physiotherapy and will miss the four and half years of college life most for making me a good physiotherapist, a good human being and a good learner.
Posted By: Ms. Pranita Ganjave
Getting into MGM school of physiotherapy was my choice. I remember sitting down and staring at my course catalogue before I began to comprehend what I needed to do prior to even enrolling, and after these four and half years journey, I’m happy that I made a good choice. I truly believed I was not going to make it through the first class, to my surprise it was not bad as I thought.
These were some of the best years of my life because of the people I met here and friends I made, which did not allow the stress of college ruin its experience. The trials and tribulations, success and failures, were all part of which made me responsible, mature and educated young adult. The experiences I gained from these years will stick with me for life, make them worth remembering.
Posted By: Ms. Prajakta Gaokar
MGM….the most wonderful place which gave me the actual meaning of what I am. I had a pretty long journey here but the best journey of my life. There’s nothing which this place misses, in fact I am missing each and everything of MGM now. Starting with academic experiences...we were gifted with well trained and supportive professors, as mentors as well as friends when needed...they were and even now always ready to guide us at any part of time. Unlike other colleges MGM gives importance to research which is very important for all fresh physiotherapists. MGM teaches us evidence based and unique ways of rehabilitation which helps us in practicing further with respect to each and every strangest cases and believe me its indeed awesome when you yourself find out new ways to learn and grow....MGM has made me discover the best capabilities in me, in relation to both academic and extracurricular activities...truly speaking I am blessed that I selected this institute which gave me lot to grow and become confident about my future....
Posted By: Ms. Priyanka Mishra
It all started from “What should I study?” to “Where should I go?” and ended with the dreaded, “Will I survive on my own?” But my journey for this four and half year was full of excitement starting from wearing a well respected apron to roaming in the wards as Physiotherapist and treating patients. For all this I would like to thank the almighty, my parents, my institute, professors and each and every member of college for their endless support and faith in me. I have learned many things like professional Etiquette's, patient respect last but not the least a good knowledge and proper hands on skills that a professional Physiotherapist requires. Clinical postings helped a lot because I come to know the ‘good at’ and ‘bad at’ side of me and also the patient handling and satisfaction. It has made me confident to deal with surroundings and handle a situation at worse and how to provide a realistic result to the patient for his demand and satisfaction. I am very proud to be a part of this institution where knowledge and skills are the priorities. I will miss my college days the most...!
Posted By: Mr.Abhishek Sawant
MGM…I would mention this name in my diary as the first and best turning point in my life. Although colleges were plenty for fulfilling my dreams of Physiotherapy, I never felt like applying anywhere else since the 1st day of my Physiotherapy life in MGM School of Physiotherapy. Each and every institute has its pros and cons, the superiority lies in the uniqueness and well in that matter, I was blessed with the decision I took in joining this institute. The best thing here is and will always be, would be about the great teaching staff. One should be truly blessed to get guidance under such well experienced and friendly professors in each subject. The way they correct and teach each student alike, whether in clinical postings or during lectures; their helping mentality even at the eleventh hour of exams; their expert level finishing touch in the research papers of their students; frankly speaking I am still thinking how to express my gratitude for everything they have gifted us with. Talking about uniqueness of this institute, the importance given to Research here, unlike any other colleges, is again one of the best things making anyone become proud of being passed out from MGM. To be honest, my experiences with MGM will never end in a page….the best and unique clinical exposure acquired from here, the notable and effective ways learnt in assessing and treating a patient, the most amazing campus, the equal importance given to academics, sports and cultural events here has all made me the happiest and proud physiotherapist just in a short duration of four and a half years.
Posted By: Mr.Nitish Mathew
MGM has made us who we are today. All the ups and downs that we went through during our undergraduate years have made us more responsible and focused in all arenas of life. We now know why they made us learn every muscle and every facet! Today when we look at our peers from other institutes, we feel blessed to be at an advantageous position than them, thanks to the hardcore research activity that we were exposed to. Today with so many means of communication and social network available, we of course are in touch with our classmates and teachers but that’s still virtual. A platform like an alumnus was much needed to remain closely knit in the circle. It gives you the contentment of being taken care of. It gives a realization that the profession we have chosen for ourselves still remains under the guidance of our own set of teachers. Any hurdle, any query will be taken care of. We were taught to be progressive about the field, and challenge the norms that have been laid down since ages. This platform will be a bold step to bring out those thoughts in front and gain opinions from seniors and experts in the field.

Of course I feel honoured at being the student of the first batch of MGMSOP and I positively look forward to being an active member of the alumni. For peers, for physical therapy, for MGM.
Posted By: Ms. Charmi Gada

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