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MGM Centre of Human Movement Science

The Making of MGM Center for Human Movement Science…

Training and clinical service in human movement science is at an infantile stage in India. Physiotherapy department of MGM Institute of Health Sciences has established MGM Center for Human Movement Science at MGM Superspecialty Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai to address an urgent need to integrate clinical biomechanics in healthcare. The center was established with intense efforts from MGMIHS for 3 years and generous financial and technical support from International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) through the Economically Developing Countries initiative. Prof. Robert Van Deursen, Director, Research Center for Clinical Kinesiology, Cardiff University, UK visited MGMIHS and played a key role in the installation of the equipment. Prof.Van Deursen is also an Honorary Professor at MGM Physiotherapy who participates in research projects pertinent to movement science at MGMIHS.

MGM Center for Human Movement Science is committed to develop this science in India in all 3 domains i.e. academic, research and clinical. Our collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Cardiff University, UK strengthens our multidisciplinary efforts to address needs of Indian health care via movement science. It is promising to have a team of enthusiastic Physiotherapists, Human movement scientists and Mechanical engineers eager to work together at the center.

We are trying to build awareness about this science and its application in health care to address culturally specific needs of Indian lifestyle. A training program in Clinical Biomechanics is being designed with an objective of generating a task force within the country for undertaking research and developing this science further in India. The feature of this training program will be expertise from IITB, Cardiff University, UK and ISB.

The center has undertaken several projects in this area, which will unfold scientific evidence for integration of biomechanics in health care. The center is open for clinical service and enthusiastic researchers across the country / abroad to observe / work. It holds the potential to grow into a center for excellence in the area of human movement science in India.


Dr.Rajani Mullerpatan


MGM Center for Human Movement Science

MGM Institute of Health Sciences, Navi Mumbai, India


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